The Woodward Laboratory hosts the Cell Culture and Engineering Core (CCEC) as part of the Maryland Polycystic Kidney Disease Research and Translational Core Center. We offer a number of services to help the stimulate research in Polycystic Kidney Disease. For full information on reagents and resources see the PKD-RRC website (click on the logo below).

Immortalized cell models

We offer a number of clonal, immortalized renal epithelial cell lines that were constructed with the Animal core from their amazing mouse PKD models.

3D renal tubuloid models

We have developed an easy to export and use tubuloid model that allows the study of cytogenesis after acute polycystin loss.

ADPKD cells and Tissue

In collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Core, we offer tissue samples and primary cells derived from human ADPKD kidneys.

Let’s build something together.